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The first-ever chip of its kind, Jeff Foxworthy’s™ Grit Chips™ are more than just a great tasting snack, they’re also healthy and nutritious, too. Great any time you want a true taste of the South no matter which of our 4 great flavors you choose. At the Roswell Food Group, we use only the finest all-natural ingredients, and the purest cooking oils, to make our light, crispy grit chips. Why heck, they’re even gluten free and Kosher, to boot – everything you’d want a great chip to be. So, go ahead and grab ya one of our 4 great flavors, and remember: with Jeff Foxworthy’s™ Grit Chips™, you can always expect great times – and good eating – with the people you love most!

  • Original

    This unique chip is a first in the marketplace and combines a depth of flavor and a memorable texture and crunch. We envisioned a hot bowl of grits with salt and butter just like Granny Foxworthy used to make. The result is a fresh corn flavor up front with a great salty peak of flavor and then grits in both flavor and tooth pack.

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  • Cheddar

    When it was payday in the south, mama added some sharp cheddar cheese to the bowl of buttery, salty grits and that is what we intended with this chip. The result is fresh corn, salt and sharp cheddar cheese that lasts until the grits flavor takes over and has you digging for every grit.

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  • Jalapeno & Cheddar

    Fresh Jalapeno is what you smell as soon as you open this bag but there is much more happening. We layered the butter, salt and sharp cheddar cheese in with a fresh jalapeno for a lasting eating experience with this chip. The bite of the jalapeno is prevalent the whole way through with cheesy undertones that will keep you reaching in the bag and licking your fingers.

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  • Sweet Heat

    The only thing more unique than a Grit Chip is the flavor that we call Sweet Heat. A creamy and salty tomato flavor on the front followed by a habanero heat that won’t burn the tongue but it will warm the throat. Sweet Heat is a flavor profile that is both familiar and exotic … sweet, salty, savory and with just enough heat to warm you like a big bowl of grits on a cold morning.

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